Two customers taken to hospital after ceiling fan incident in Tampines coffee shop

SINGAPORE – An incident involving a large ceiling fan injured two customers at a coffee shop in Tampines on Wednesday night (Oct 29).

The injured patrons are understood to be a young man and an elderly woman who were seated at the same table.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force said  it received a call for assistance at Block 201D Tampines Street 21 at about 7.10pm on Wednesday. Two people were taken to Changi General Hospital.

The coffee shop’s owner, Mr K.B. Soh, told The Straits Times that the fan had undergone yearly maintenance works earlier on Wednesday.

And in the 10 years since the fan and another were installed in the coffee shop, there were no earlier incidents with them, said Mr Soh.

After the works were completed, the fan was switched on and a serviceman on site tried to move a ladder below the fan.

This caused the fan’s blades to hit the ladder, which resulted in part of a blade breaking off and hitting two coffee shop patrons.

Photos posted online show one of the patrons, the young man, clutching the back of his head, which appears to be bleeding.

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