What are the new upgrades that MOLLY our mobile library bus has recently gotten?

MOLLY® the Mobile Library turns 10 this year. The mobile library bus has undergone a few changes over the decade, allowing it to better serve underprivileged communities and provide equal reading opportunities for all.

The latest edition – MOLLY® 3 – is equipped with new features including a wheelchair lift, a magnetic whiteboard, and customised child-friendly book stations that will allow children to borrow and return books by themselves.

The bus can carry 3,000 books on board, with a large collection of children’s books. Our librarians also conduct programmes onboard such as storytelling and read-aloud sessions.

The MOLLY mobile library fleet comprises one big MOLLY bus and two mini-MOLLY buses.

All these vehicles have been donated by Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple. The mobile libraries have made over 2,100 trips since 2008. As of June 2018, MOLLY has been visited over 750,000 times, amassing over 1,370,000 loans. It mostly visits special education centres and pre-schools.

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