What is 'Documenting Covid-19 in Singapore' about?

The current pandemic will be recorded in our history books as an unprecedented event, challenging our norms, habits and lifestyles. This project seeks to archive the details of today and the heroes of the present battling this Covid-19 pandemic. 

To record this momentous period for Singaporeans and our future generations, NLB is compiling photographs, videos, journals and other materials into archives through the ‘Document Covid-19 in Singapore’ project. These materials will be preserved so that future generations of Singaporeans can better understand how our country and people managed, coped and overcame the crisis. 

Please contribute to this project to help create a more comprehensive record of life in a global pandemic.

How can you contribute?

The project is seeking to record Singaporeans’ day-to-day experiences as well as the stories of frontliners. The project explores these important questions: How have routines changed? How did Singaporeans find alternative ways to celebrate festivals? And how did our essential workers overcome difficulties? 

Send us your photographs, flyers, videos, websites, journals and more which captures stories of the COVID-19 crisis.  

Where to contribute?

If you are fascinated by historical archives and would like to see your personal experience contribute to a larger narrative, you may submit your stories here. 

Your story could be one that elicits the same fascination and could help make sense of the pandemic in many years to come. 

For organisations interested in this project or are working on a similar project, you may get in touch with NLB via email at [email protected]  

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