Designer accused of stealing from $6M job countersues “degrading” neighbors

An interior designer who is accused of abandoning a $6 million job and stealing her neighbors’ high-end furniture has countersued for what she calls “degrading and threatening” clients.

Hayley Servatius, who operates HLS Designs in Greenwood Village, said model Danielle Braverman is refusing to pay her and making “threats to destroy her business.”

“Braverman has made similar false accusations and refused payment to interior design firms she’s worked with on other residential properties,” Servatius alleged July 28.

Braverman and her husband, David Reis, bought their home at 6600 E. Ida Ave. in Greenwood Village for $1.78 million in 2020 with plans to demolish and remodel. They hired Servatius, who lives 500 feet away in a similarly valued home, to design the new interior.

The $6 million renovation was scheduled to be complete by mid-2022 but wasn’t. When Reis and Braverman moved in last November, they found major design flaws. And their credit card bills showed items that had been bought but were nowhere to be found, they say.

The model claims that Servatius used her credit card to buy furnishings, received “large commissions” from the vendors she bought them from, and then placed them in her own house, where they can be seen in “photographs on the defendants’ Instagram account.”

In her countersuit last week, Servatius denied using her client’s credit card to buy furnishings for her own home and said she is “without sufficient knowledge or information to admit or deny” that furniture meant for Braverman’s house appeared in Instagram posts at her home.

“Due to delays in construction of the home, HLS Designs agreed to store various pieces of furniture…at HLS Designs, without charging plaintiffs any storage fees,” she stated. 

HLS Designs operates out of Servatius’ home in Greenwood Village.

Servatius blames a contractor for construction delays and flaws at Braverman’s 11,000-square-foot home. She also blames her clients for making costly design changes, such as removing a three-story fireplace and adding a pool.

Servatius said Braverman and Reis “became extremely difficult to work with” late last year and began “making unreasonable demands” that Servatius spent more than $15,000 of her own money trying to comply with. They’ve also not paid her for two months of work between November and January, when Servatius quit, according to the interior designer.

Lawyers for Braverman and Reis did not respond to requests for comment.

The couple, who are represented by attorneys Lilly Lentz and Matthew Rork with Fairfield & Woods in Denver, accuse Servatius and her company of theft, fraud, breach of contract, unjust enrichment, bad-faith dealing, false representation and concealment.

Servatius, who is represented by attorneys Caleb Meyer and Simone Montoya with the Messner Reeves firm in Denver, is countersuing for unjust enrichment and breach of contract.

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