eBay reveals huge change to free listings – and not everyone will agree with it

From March 3, 2019, sellers who list items for five days or more will be able to upload almost as many items as they want without paying a penny.

However, choose to list for less than three days, and you will have to pay a 35p per item fee.

The new rules will also apply to business owners, who will get an additional 100 short-term listings a month, before the 35p charge kicks in.

"We’re delighted to launch ‘Free to List’, and as a platform we’re always looking for opportunities for people to make more through, and this provides them with a trusted platform and global audience to showcase their unwanted items," Nikin Patel, at eBay UK, said.

"Consumer-to-consumer selling is an area we continue to invest, develop and innovate in. In this time of uncertainty we continue to look for opportunities to give families a boost as they declutter to cash in."

Currently, eBay sellers without a shop can list up to 20 items for free each month before the 35p charge kicks in. This ‘free’ allowance includes all listings – including one to three day auctions.

However, under the new rules, sellers will no longer be able to sell for three days or less for free.

eBay operates by taking a 10% cut of all sales processed through its website – including postage – under what’s known as a ‘final value fee’.

However this is capped at £250 – meaning if you sold a car for £3,000, you’d pay less than 10% in charges.

If your item doesn’t sell, you won’t have to pay a final value fee. However, if you pass on contact information to another user, you will have to pay a referral fee.

This will be the higher of the fixed price, auction start price, ‘buy it now’ price, reserve price or the price identified between the buyer and seller.

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