Going dry for January could mean a free holiday in the summer

Giving up alcohol for a month could save you enough money to cover the cost of an entire holiday, new research has found.

A five-week break from the booze saves a couple enough cash to pay for a two-night stay in Amsterdam, a study for foreign exchange firm Caxton found.

If you can last 10 weeks before you start drinking alcohol again, that's enough for five nights in the Algarve.

Oh, and if you resolve that strong drink shall not pass your lips for an entire year and save the cash instead, you'd have enough for a week-long all-inclusive stay in Montego Bay, Jamaica, research carried by, found.

Caxton chief operating officer Alana Parsons said: "Many of us enjoy a drink either to wind down in the evening or while out with friends or family at weekends, but we rarely tally up how much it costs us over the course of a year."

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To calculate the figures, researchers assumed people were drinking the equivalent of eight pints of beer and one bottle of wine a couple each week, bought from a bar or pub.

That costs £44 a week typically, working out at £190.88 a month or £2,288 a year.

"Extending the traditional dry January for a further few months or longer might not work for everyone, but a New Year Resolution that's good for your health as well as your pocket is easier to stick to if you have a holiday on the horizon," Parsons said.

What a couple, giving up alcohol could use the cash for instead:

  • Five weeks no booze – a two-night stay in Amsterdam including flights
  • Seven weeks no booze – A three-night stay in Prague
  • 10 weeks no booze – a five-night stay in the Algarve (Praia da Rocha)
  • 17 weeks no booze – a £740 trip to Naples for seven nights
  • 23 weeks no booze – all-inclusive seven-night holiday at Egypt's Red Sea
  • 33 weeks no booze – a seven-night room-only stay in Barbados
  • A full year no booze – a seven-night all-inclusive stay in Jamaica's Montego Bay

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