Taking corporate investment to the next level

For many, investing through online channels is a trend that has been around for more than two decades, driven by a surge in smartphone usage and mobile connectivity.

In digital investing, the focus has been on meeting the investment needs of individual investors and largely overlooking corporate investors — until now.

UOB Asset Management (UOBAM) has come up with a new digital advisory service that assists corporate investors in their investment decisions and makes surplus company funds work harder for them.

UOBAM Invest, the first digital advisory service for corporate investors in Singapore, is an investment portfolio management platform that provides automated and customised investment advice to corporates.

“We saw that the medium to large corporates market was under-serviced in investing. Cash flow is key for companies in the short term, as they have salaries, rent and utilities to manage,” said Ms Rachel Ong, senior director, business development at UOBAM.

“But there is also a real need for companies to plan long term, whether it is making capital investments such as purchasing a factory, or replenishing resources for the business. They will need to plan and invest to achieve these goals.

“The question is how we can help companies achieve both short- and long-term goals.”

The answer, UOBAM found after talking to their corporate clients, was to make investing simple, smart and safe for companies.

To help businesses balance their short-term needs and invest surplus funds for long-term goals, UOBAM Invest equips them with smart investment tools.

The service is a combination of UOBAM’s investment expertise and advanced technology to share investment advice, based on each corporate’s investment goals and appetite for risk, helping them achieve their goals.

“Leveraging more than 30 years of experience in the industry, we came up with our own proprietary investment framework and methodology that were used to develop UOBAM Invest,” said Ms Ong.

UOBAM Invest was designed to address some of the biggest bugbears corporates have with investing — large investment ticket size, cookiecutter investment options, and a lack of suitable online investment platforms for corporates.

We have dedicated our efforts to build a dynamic solution that thinks in the best interest of each corporate investor. When we first started, we hoped that through UOBAM Invest, UOBAM would redefine investing for corporates, and be right by our clients to serve their corporate investment needs.


Simple does it

First, UOBAM Invest is fully digital and mobile friendly. This makes investing convenient and accessible anytime.

It is also flexible — corporate investors can choose to invest based on a guided or independent approach, or both. For instance, a corporate investor who prefers to receive a customised digital investment portfolio can opt for the Digital Adviser feature.

A more independent investor can choose to build his own portfolio and buy or sell his fund holdings with Fund Direct.

Corporates can opt to sign up for a preview of the features and funds before making the first investment.

The service keeps track of all transactions from Day 1 of investing, providing corporates with a comprehensive overview of their dealings. Through this, they can better analyse their past activities and monitor their portfolios at the same time.

Smart investing

UOBAM Invest taps on decades of award-winning1 investment expertise and capabilities, using digitised solutions to take corporate investing to the next level.

UOBAM partnered global fintech service provider FNZ Group, which provides multi-channel wealth management services, to develop powerful institutional-grade portfolio optimisation methods to recommend an optimal portfolio to suit each investor’s needs and risk appetite.

The customised solutions generated by the portfolio optimisation algorithm are based on UOBAM’s proprietary screening methodology and asset allocation framework. The service aims to fully understand a company’s investment goals, risk tolerance level and investment horizon before recommending solutions.

This is where UOBAM Invest shines — developing solutions customised to the needs of the clients.

Using the portfolio planner tool, corporate investors can key in their inflows, such as current and future contributions, and outflows such as future expenditure. They can also prioritise each investment goal differently and the service then calculates the viability of the investment plan.

This is unique to UOBAM Invest as it gives greater insight for corporates before they begin investing.

Based on all the information, UOBAM Invest will create a forecast — investors can plan for a timeframe of up to 30 years — and calculate the plan’s success probability2.

The probability is statistically calculated using the results derived from the optimisation algorithm which factors in the investor’s input on their investment goals, investment horizon and UOBAM’s current forecast of events and performance of each asset class.

Almost every solution that the system generates will be customised according to the corporate’s investment risk and investment profile, with thousands of plausible portfolio results based on various economic and market scenarios. Simply put, it’s like having a personal investment adviser at hand, round the clock.

The customised investment proposal is based on a combination of award-winning UOBAM-managed funds and global exchange traded funds.

The investor can also choose to fine-tune the proposed portfolio at any time — such as when he wants to take on a higher risk portfolio to meet his targets earlier, or withdraw some investment funds to meet an urgent payment. To ensure an optimal allocation, UOBAM Invest will alert the investor should it calculate a mismatch between his actions and the level of risk he is willing to take.

After confirming the desired settings for the investment portfolio, corporate investors can simply let UOBAM Invest monitor the investments and rebalance the portfolio quarterly, and whenever funds are injected or withdrawn.

Safety is priority

For corporate clients, the security of their funds is a key concern. Besides the use of two-factor authentication (2FA), an industry standard for secure transactions, UOBAM Invest has additional security features. For instance, companies can decide on account permission rights and add or authorise different types of users to view, execute or approve investment decisions.

Corporate funds are also transacted only via bank payment modes such as cheques, telegraphic transfers and UOB Business Internet Banking Plus (UOB BIBPlus). This ensures that all funds go through secure channels during transactions.

The funds are also placed in custodian accounts with United Overseas Bank Limited, a leading bank in South-east Asia, and of which UOBAM is a subsidiary.

Simple, smart and safe — UOBAM Invest is all about making sense of money for corporate investors.

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2. The success probability is statistically calculated and it is not a guarantee of the principal sum invested or of any rate of return. The portfolio may lose money. UOBAM does not make any prediction, promise or guarantee of any kind. Market prices may go up and down and past performance is not an indicator of any future or likely performance or outcome. UOBAM may update the success probability and any portfolio projection from time to time if there is a change in its market expectations or assumptions.

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