You can now get Friends Monopoly – and it lets you play as the show’s characters

It’s not Christmas without a good argument over a board game, and now we’re even more excited than ever to crack out the Monopoly as we’ve just discovered that there’s now an actual Friends edition of the family favourite game.

Working just like normal Monopoly but instead of London property, the game – which is currently on sale at Amazon for £24.99 – features Friends related references that will have you quoting the classic show with every move.

Instead of street names, each tile is a different – but all equally as hilarious – moment from the sitcom, including Barbados, the lottery, the routine and the holiday armadillo. Iconic.

But as well as all the best scenes, the game does stay true to its original design, featuring popular locations from the such as Central Perk, Joey’s Boat and all the different friend’s apartments.

The age-old water works and electricity company have also been renamed after the show’s building superintendent Treeger, now dubbed ‘Treeger’s Electricity Maintenance’ and "Treegar’s Water Works’.

Instead of the ever-popular stations, each one is now named after a famous vehicle in the show instead, such as Monica’s Porsche, Joey’s Boat, the Relaxi Taxi and Phoebe’s Grandma’s cab.

But perhaps our favourite feature of the new edition boardgame is that instead of fighting over who gets to be the dog, you can now fight over who wants to be Rachel, as Friends Monopoly lets each player go through the game as one of the famous six.

For Ross there’s a dinosaur, while Monica gets a chef’s hat, and as for poor Chandler, his signature is a Chandler Bing-style sweater vest.

Surely set to be a sell-out success, all the major high street retailers are selling it, each for £24.99, including Amazon, Argos, I Want One Of Those and Robert Dyas.

However we did also spot Groupon selling what looks like exactly the same version of the Friends Monopoly for the cheaper price of £22.99. If there’s anytime you need that extra £2, it’s at Christmas.

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