‘A healthy Queen is a happy Queen’ Monarch had no choice but to rest, says expert

Queen has 'ramped up engagements' since isolation says expert

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The monarch sparked worry among royal fans when she cancelled a trip to Northern Ireland and then spent one night at the hospital. On Wednesday, a Buckingham Palace spokesman said the monarch had “reluctantly accepted medical advice to rest for the next few days.”

He said the Queen was “disappointed that she will no longer be able to visit Northern Ireland” – which would have involved an overnight stay.

As a 95-year-old Queen, her health is always in question when the public sees her missing a royal engagement or walking with a stick.

According to US Royal expert Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills, founder of The British Monarchists Society, royal enthusiasts might even be asking too many questions as nothing major has happened yet.

“There is no need for alarm or concern for Her Majesty’s quick overnight at King Edward,” he told

“The stay at the hospital for observation, and to make sure she is keeping fit so as not to endanger her health by such a rigorous diary of responsibilities at the age of 95, shows responsibility and accountability for her person.

“Accepting advice from her doctors to take precautions with an overnight stay at the hospital was prudent and precautionary.”

The King Edward VII’s is a private hospital used by senior royals, including the late Duke of Edinburgh, who received treatment there earlier this year.

“A visit to Northern Ireland with a full diary of non-stop engagements and meetings would have been too much on her,” suggests Mr Mace-Archer-Mills.

An official record of the Queen’s diary showed at least 16 formal events during October.

She was pictured hosting a Global Investment Summit at Windsor Castle on Tuesday evening alongside Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Her Majesty is also scheduled to appear at the COP26 in Glasgow later this month.

“Every precaution must be taken to keep her well and safe so as not to encourage fatigue, illness, or exhaustion if she is to continue to carry out her duties across the nation as we all expect,” Mr Mace-Archer-Mills added.

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“Her Majesty’s sense of duty to Crown and Country always comes first, and without her health, she is unable to keep her vow of service to her people that she made on her 21st birthday from South Africa in 1947.

“A healthy Queen is a happy Queen, and her people would prefer she take precautions to preserve her health as she did, so as to keep her around longer.

“After all, her ‘whole life, whether it be long or short’ has been dedicated to our service, and with that service comes the responsibility to make sure Her Majesty is fit in all aspects of her life to carry out that promise and its associated duties.”

In a statement on Thursday night, Buckingham Palace reassured the public saying: “Following medical advice to rest for a few days, the Queen attended hospital on Wednesday afternoon for some preliminary investigations, returning to Windsor Castle at lunchtime today, and remains in good spirits.”

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