Alpaca invades football match and charges at the players

An unlikely football fan made a surprise appearance at a West Yorkshire match – but not everyone welcomed him with open arms.

Footballers were left in disbelief when a fluffy alpaca came bounding onto the pitch during a lower league game on Saturday afternoon.

Carlton Athletic’s tie against Ilkley Town had to be stopped for 15 minutes as people tried to entice the elusive animal off the pitch with food.

But Oscar the alpaca, who had escaped from a nearby farm, was having none of it and continued to run riot around the grounds – much to the amusement of spectators.

Video footage showed Oscar even chasing after a player who sprinted off in fear, as someone off-camera is heard saying ‘don’t they spit?’

Eventually, a farmer hurried over and managed to get Oscar home.

Ilkley manager Simon Armstrong told the BBC: ‘People didn’t want to go near it in case it kicked. The farmer was then called and eventually it was tempted back in the field.’

Carlton Athletic’s chairman, John Flynn, said farm animals have been kept near the grounds for some years but it was the first time one had disrupted a game.

He said: ‘I don’t know he got out, there must be a little gap in the barrier somewhere as we’ve seen some chickens here as well.

‘Oscar’s really inquisitive, he was enjoying himself and running up and down the pitch, he wasn’t distressed – a couple of players said he was our man of the match.’

But it seems Oscar was actually Ilkley’s lucky mascot, as they went on to win 2-0.

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