Amazing pictures show strawberry moon over the UK

An incredible full moon was spotted in the skies above the UK last night.

The full moon, this month known as the ‘strawberry moon’ or ‘rose moon’ reached its peak last night and made for some fantastic photography across the country from the late afternoon into the evening.

There’s often a myth the strawberry moon gets its name because it has a pinkish tinge to it – but that’s not the case. June’s full moon is known as the Strawberry moon because it coincides with strawberry picking season in the USA.

A spokesperson from the Royal Observatory said: ‘In North America, the harvesting of strawberries in June gives that month’s full moon its name.

‘Europeans have dubbed it the rose moon, while other cultures named it the hot moon for the beginning of the summer heat.’

Although it wasn’t pink, the pictures were still amazing.

Why is it called a strawberry moon?

Different cultures have assigned a variety of names to full moons across the lunar calendar in history, but the most well-known and commonly used full moon monikers, such as the strawberry moon, came from Native American culture.

In June, the full moon is known as the strawberry moon because in North America, the harvesting of strawberries has historically taken place in June.

The June moon is also known as the ‘rose moon’ in some European cultures, while other cultures know it as the hot moon because it marks the beginning of the warm summer season. 

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