‘Americans aren’t into them’ Meghan and Harry’s brand questioned after Netflix axe show

Meghan and Harry 'need to keep royal branding' to remain relevant

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After quitting royal duties two years ago, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have pursued other career opportunities. Meghan, 40, and Harry, 37, signed a deal – estimated to be worth around $100m (£72m) – with Netflix to create content that “informs but also gives hope”.

The couple announced two projects in the pipeline for the streaming service.

One is a documentary following competitors in the Invictus Games, a sporting event launched by the Duke of Sussex for military servicemen and women.

While the other was an animated series called Pearl which focused on a young girl finding inspiration from numerous historical influential women.

However, it was recently revealed to be scrapped by Netflix.

The show was axed alongside two other children’s shows as a cost-cutting measure while subscriber figures took a hit in the first quarter of the year by dropping by 200,000.

The company also saw more than $50billion (£39billion) being wiped from its market value as its shares declined by 35 percent.

After the show was scrapped, speculation has arisen as to whether it will be harder for the Duke and Duchess to get future projects greenlit by the company.

Baruch Labunski, the founder of Rank Secure – a web design and internet marketing firm – claims Netflix’s financial position will pose a problem in the development of projects for the streaming service.

Mr Labunski also claims Netflix may struggle to afford payouts following the recent losses the company has experienced, and that Pearl was likely axed because of these financial problems. 

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Michelle and Barack Obama have exited their exclusive pact with the streaming giant, originally signed in 2019, after being frustrated with the company’s exclusive terms.

Mr Labunski claims both the Obamas and the Sussexes have both suffered from a lack of interest from American audiences.

The marketing expert said: “Netflix is finding out that the Meghan and Harry brand isn’t as strong as they hoped.

“Americans just aren’t into them. They aren’t the only ones.

“Spotify cut Barack and Michele Obama loose of their contract and Disney also lost a lot of brand value in recent weeks.”

After quitting the Firm, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex also signed a deal to create audio content for Spotify.

The deal is reportedly worth around £18m.

However, since announcing the collaboration, Harry and Meghan have only published one podcast episode so far.

The pair hosted a 35-minute ‘holiday special’ in December 2020, featuring celebrity pals such as Elton John and James Corden.

Since then, the Duchess of Sussex has also announced that she’s working on a podcast called ‘Archetypes’.

The podcast is hosted by Meghan who will speak to historians, experts and women who have experienced being typecast.

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