‘An inspiring story!’ Carrie Johnson to join hands with Netflix to make show on elephants

Carrie Johnson speaks at 2021 Conservative Party conference

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The move, set to take place in the coming months, is a world-first in terms of its size. Mrs. Johnson, 33, is head of communications at the Aspinall Foundation wildlife charity.

According to MailOnline, the organisation is preparing to relocate 13 of the ivory-tusked animals from the Howletts Wild Animal Park in Kent to Kenya, in Africa.

The Prime Minister’s wife and her boss, Damian Aspinall, are now being courted by Netflix and other streaming giants, who want to document the historic moment.

A friend of Mrs Johnson told the Daily Mail: “Carrie’s phone was ringing off the hook after it was announced she was working hard on the project to re-wild the elephants.

“It’s an inspiring story, and she and Damian are such charismatic and passionate people that they are the right people to tell it.”

It is believed that Mrs Johnson has been fielding requests from national broadcasters who want to film the quest since the rehoming of the project was announced.

The magnificent animals – which weigh 25 tonnes each – will travel 4,000 miles from Kent to a top-secret location in their native home of Kenya.

Mr Aspinall, son of gambling tycoon John Aspinall, and Mrs Johnson hope this will pave the way for a wider programme on the ‘cruelty’ of zoos.

They hope to make a show similar to the Netflix hit Seaspiracy, which made a powerful case against eating fish and became one of the top-ten most viewed shows on the streaming service worldwide.

As well as housing the largest herd of African elephants in the UK, Aspinall’s Howletts park in Kent is also home to over 390 animals, including tigers, gorillas, leopards and monkeys.

Its main operation is acting as a breeding centre for rare and endangered animals, which it has been doing for the last 40 years.

A source close to the pair told MailOnline: “Carrie and Damian are the perfect pair to teach the world about the horrors of zoos. Watch this space!”

It comes after shows fronted by leading British figures such as Sir David Attenborough have become smash hits on streaming sites.

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