Andrew Marr makes bombshell claim about Scottish Independence as nation ‘slips away’

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Writing in The Spectator, Mr Marr admitted that Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP was “self-confident, vigorous and optimistic.” He added: “The opinion polls confirm what general conversation suggests: that Scotland is likely to leave the United Kingdom before the end of this parliament.

“The SNP may be having feuds but they are self-confident, vigorous and optimistic.”

When it came to COVID-19, he stressed that Scots listen “attentively to the First Minister and pride themselves on Scotland’s lower death rates.”

Mr Marr added: “There, the difference in atmosphere over COVID is almost tangible compared with London.

“People are much more likely to be masked and much more cautious.”

The Broadcaster also makes the claim that the End of the Union would seem more “significant” than Brexit.

He continued: “If independence happens, the end of GB is going to be a more traumatic moment for England than today’s ministers seem able to grasp.

“The future of basic aspects of identity, like the Union Flag, the name of the country, its defence system, and the scope of its territory will be in question.

“Perhaps the Prime Minister grasps this. But his premiership may be defined by this and Unionists will need a far cleverer and more passionate politics than anything we have seen so far from Boris Johnson — or indeed, Keir Starmer.

“Nothing in politics, as in life, is inevitable.

“But at the moment, the Scotland my father knew is slipping away.”

The TV presenter has previously spoken out during Alex Salmond’s tenure as First Minister when he said he was very worried by the tone of the initial Scottish independence debate prior to the 2014 vote.

Speaking then, he said: “It’s getting very aggressive. I would posit that, whatever your view, there is no one here who is a traitor.

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“There is nobody who is an idiot – well there are plenty of idiots but there is nobody who deserves to be denounced, cast out and told they are not really Scottish on the basis of their view. Whatever happens, you are all going to have to live together.”

A row also broke out during a tense interview on BBC One’s Andrew Marr Show in 2014 during which former First Minister Alex Salmond repeated his claim an independent Scotland would have started life in the EU.

After the presenter suggested otherwise, the former First Minister reacted with outrage and asked the presenter whether that was the “Andrew Marr analysis” or the corporation’s point of view.

However, Mr Marr referred to an interview he had conducted the month before with former Jose Manuel Barroso, in which the former EU chief had said it would have been “extremely difficult, if not impossible” for a separate Scotland to join the EU.

Mr Marr told Mr Salmond that the President of the European Commission had been “absolutely adamant in private and in public on the sofa” and that he claimed to be speaking for “many other” EU leaders.

The BBC said at the time that Mr Marr had not been biased or broke BBC impartiality guidelines.


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