Andrew Neil could make a return to BBC after new boss contacts him to negotiate

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While working for the BBC Mr Neil was very popular with some people arguing the TV presenter is the antithesis for the “woke brigade”. BBC audiences were shocked when the Beeb announced it had decided to axe The Andrew Neil Show earlier this year. There were talks to keep him on another show but these fell through under former directer general Lord Hall.

However, the new director general Tim Davie is keen to have the veteran TV host back working for the broadcaster.

He is understood to have spent his second day in his new position trying to engage with Mr Neil after the presenter’s contract was allowed to lapse.

The move comes as the new BBC boss has unveiled plans to shake-up the broadcaster which has repeatedly been accused of having a Left-wing bias.

Mr Neil has not been back to the BBC for six months, and friends of the presenter have called his treatment by the Beeb “insulting”.

Mr Davie’s decision to contact the veteran presenter on his second day in the post shows the importance he believes Mr Neil is to the future of the broadcaster.

Mr Neil has is the past been critical of the BBC’s supposed Left-wing bias.

He cited The Mash Report, BBC Two’s satirical late night show, which he described as “self satisfied, self adulatory, unchallenged Left-wing propaganda”.

He added: “It’s hardly balance. Could never happen on a politics show.

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“Except this has become a politics show.”

The presenter who has grilled both Remainers and Brexiteers has spent much of the lockdown in his house in France.

Sources close to the director-general told the Sunday Telegraph: “Tim Davie wants Andrew Neil back at the BBC because he is a bloody good broadcaster.

“There has always been a collective desire to have Andrew Neil in the fold because of his talent.”

Mr Neil, who is chairman of The Spectator magazine, has widely been considered as sympathetic to Brexit the Brexit cause.

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