Andrew Neil hits out at SNP supporters ‘bile and hatred’ as BBC editor ‘escapes’ Scotland

Andrew Neil forecasts Tory 'summer leadership contest'

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According to Mr Neil, Scottish journalist Sarah Smith has taken up a new post after “she was subjected to a regular stream of the vilest vituperation on social media”. She is now headed “for the calmer, less stressful beat of BBC North American editor”, Mr Neil has stated in a recent Daily Mail piece. Mr Neil, who used to host BBC’s ‘The Andrew Neil Show’, added that “Smith expects less vilification, fewer threats and less hatred than she’s experienced in her homeland these past six years”.

The former GB News boss then claimed that Ms Smith was subject to “being verbally assaulted on Scottish streets”.

He added that she endured “shouts of ‘what f lies are you telling on TV tonight, you f b***h'”.

After describing the reams of abuse that he alleges Ms Smith endured, the former GBNews anchor stated that it is now understandable “why she’s ready for a quieter life and the relative anonymity of America”.

Mr Neil argues that Scots should take pride in Sarah Smith’s achievements, as “she went to a local state school and then to the University of Glasgow, the alma mater of her father and mother, where she excelled”.

He added that she has now “secured the BBC’s most important foreign posting” against some tough competition for the role, which Mr Neil states is a “classic Scottish success story”.

But he decries that Smith’s appointments are “not much lauded in today’s Scotland”.

Instead, the former BBC politics host said that “Smith has been vilified and traduced at every turn”.

He added that she was ” just for doing her job, which she did well”.

He added that Scotland’s independence debate has gone on to produce “unpleasant and unnecessary abuse from both sides, unionist and nationalist alike”.

Mr Neil after resigning from GB News is set to host a politics programme for Channel 4.

However, he has also launched a libel case against Jennifer Arcuri, the US businesswoman who claims she had a four-year affair with Boris Johnson.

Mr Neil said Ms Arcuri’s comments on Twitter about him were “evil lies” and “vile and untrue accusations”.

The tweets had suggested that he had met up with Jeffery Epstein because his contact details were in Epstein’s infamous “black book”.

However, Mr Neil claims that his contact details were only in the book because he had previously met with Ghislaine Maxwell.

Replying to Ms Arcuri’s post in December last year, Mr Neil asked her to “please DM your address/contact details so my lawyers can serve legal papers against you for this clear libel and defamation”.

He added: “I’ve instructed the papers to be drawn up now. All those tweeting support for and spreading her tweet will also be served.”

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