Angela Rayner threats: 52-year-old man arrested as deputy Labour leader targeted

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The deputy Labour leader had been sent “a number of threatening, malicious and abusive communications”, a spokesperson said. The man was arrested in Halifax on suspicion of malicious communications.

The spokesperson for Ms Rayner said: “Abuse and threats of this nature don’t just have an impact on Angela but also on her family, her children and her staff who are on the receiving end of these communications.”

They added that her team were working with the police “to ensure that the perpetrators of these crimes are brought to justice”.

The Labour politician is currently on bereavement leave.

Greater Manchester Police’s Detective Sergeant Christopher Dean said: “Abusive, threatening or bullying behaviour towards anyone is completely unacceptable and we will always do what we can to ensure those responsible are identified and held accountable for their behaviour.

“Although we have arrested one man our investigation remains very much ongoing and we will continue to pursue all available lines of enquiry to identify all those responsible.”

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