Angry protestors boo King and Camilla for ‘wasting taxpayers cash’

King Charles: Protesters chant ‘not my King’

King Charles and Camilla, Queen Consort were met by angry protestors during their visit to York for the Royal Maundy Service. Protestors await the arrival of the royal with posters reading ‘Not my King’ in bold letters. As the King and Queen entered the Cathedral the group chanted ‘not my king’ whilst one man with a megaphone accused the Monarch of “wasting taxpayer cash” on a “pointless parade”.

The man can be heard shouting “Charles are you going to answer your critics” as fellow protestors booed the King and Queen as they entered the Cathedral. 

He continued: “Why are you wasting our money on your parade Charles, not my king.”

Thursday marks the King’s first Royal Maundy Service after his mother marked the Christian holiday for 70 years. During the ceremony, the King will present 74 men and 74 women with a Manudy gift.

Crowds of several people deep gathered outside York Minister ahead of the Royals’ arrival on Thursday morning.

In a video posted on Twitter members of the crows holding signs reading ‘Not My King’ are heard booing outside the cathedral.

Posting the video anti-monarchy group Republic said: “Charles turned up- we let him know that he’s not our king. #NotMyKing #AbolishTheMonarchy.

The King and Queen were greeted at the Great West Doors by the Dean of York, the Very Reverend Dominic Barrington, and the Archbishop of York, Stephen Cottrell.

They were presented with the traditional nosegay, a small flower bouquet, as they entered the cathedral.


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Maundy Thursday marks the end of Lent and in the UK, Maundy money is given as an act of charity.

This year’s recipients will be presented with a red purse and a white purse.

The white purse will contain a set of minted silver Maundy coins valued to the age of the King and the red purse will contain commemorative coins.

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