‘Annoying all right people!’ GB News host ‘absolutely loving Brexit’ despite voting Remain

Brexit 'can't fail' says GB News presenter Mark Dolan

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Mark Dolan, who presents Mark Dolan Tonight on the new TV channel, shared his views on Twitter. He wrote: “I voted Remain, but I’m absolutely loving Brexit, because it seems to be annoying all the right people.” In the wake of the EU referendum in 2016, the TV presenter shared a petition calling for a second vote.

Comedian Hal Cruttenden responded to Mr Dolan’s tweet by sharing a screenshot of his Facebook page from 2016, noting that the presenter has been on “one hell of a journey”.

He wrote: “This is Mark’s Facebook page after Brexit when he posted the petition to have a second referendum.

“Not even I thought we could justify a second vote.

“He’s been on one hell of a journey since Talk Radio employed him.”

Other users praised Mr Dolan for his tweet, with Christine Hamilton writing: “Haha – love the sentiment!!!”

A TaylorSaunders added: “Great attitude and look how well we are doing!

“Mark my words more countries will follow us.”

But many criticised the broadcaster for making light of the situation.

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A user nicknamed Pops wrote: “Regardless of politics, Brexit is causing genuine hardship for a growing number of people.

“It has also reduced opportunities for many. How can you delight in something that causes very real problems for people?”

ChrisVelvick agreed, writing: “All those fisherman suffering, all those farmers having to kill their pigs as there’s no staff for the abattoirs.

“Businesses going bust all the time with the cost of red tape. Absolute hilarious stuff!”

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Another user Dr Bethany Usher wrote: “That’s really strange. Joy at others misfortune.”

Phil Harrison added: “Yes, it’s great when businesses go under and the economy contracts isn’t it?”

Mr Dolan has previously been vocal about accepting the outcome of the referendum.

Speaking on his GB news show, he said: “Not accepting the result has become an ideology and a religion.

“Now I voted Remain in 2016 and therefore I speak with some authority when I say to other Remainers: ‘Get over it.’

“It took me 24 hours to accept the Brexit result. In fact, it took less time than that.

“I accepted the result when the news flashed up on my phone on the morning of June 24th.”

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