Anti-Brexit plot revealed: ‘Large group of senior Tories’ plan to topple Boris by October

Boris Johnson “will not survive very long” according to a senior Conservative MP, who revealed details of a plot to bring down Mr Johnon’s tenure as Prime Minister. Dominic Grieve told the BBC that Tory MPs will prevent Boris Johnson commanding a majority in the Commons due to his no-deal Brexit plans. A “substantial and large” group of senior Tories will quickly turn on Mr Johnson as soon as he becomes Prime Minister, unless he backs down from his no-deal threat.

Mr Johnson entered the Tory leadership race vowing to deliver Brexit by 31 October “deal or no deal”.

Mr Grieve told Radio 4’s Today programme: “Candidates that claim they will take us out of the EU without a deal, that is unrealistic, there is no majority for a no deal in the Parliament.

“There are a large number of Conservative MPs who will object to that happening and who will do everything possible to prevent it happening.

“I think the numbers are quite substantial.

There are a large number of Conservative MPs who will object to that happening

Dominic Grieve

“If the new prime minister announces taking the country on a magical mystery tour towards a 31 October crash-out, I don’t think that prime minister is going to survive very long.”

The former attorney general predicted that the Queen will be forced to call on a new unifying Prime Minister if Mr Johnson is toppled.

The Tory MP admitted an election could be “catastrophic for the future of the Conservative Party”.

But, he pointed out that a no-confidence motion – which Labour has threatened to bring within days of Theresa May’s replacement being in place – would not necessarily put Jeremy Corbyn into power.

Mr Grieve explained: “If an administration falls on a vote of no confidence, there is 14 days to set up a new one.

“It doesn’t have to be Jeremy Corbyn at the helm. It could be another Conservative prime minister.

“It could be anybody who is able to command a majority in the House of Commons.”

Both Chancellor Philip Hammond and Ken Clarke, a former chancellor, have confirmed they would back a no-confidence vote to block crashing out of the EU.

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