Arch Remainer A C Grayling ‘confidently bets on significant majority to rejoin EU’

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Mr Grayling was responding to comments made by Lisa Nandy, who is the Shadow Foreign Secretary. Mr Grayling wrote on Twitter: “Wishful thinking from Lisa Nandy, Brexiteer. Labour hasn’t a snowflake’s chance until it respects the Remain/Rejoin half of the population – I’d confidently bet a significant majority to rejoin if a referendum was held tomorrow.”

The comments came after Ms Nandy said that Brexit has been settled for a generation and that it would be “really irresponsible” for Labour to campaign on a promise to reopen negotiations with the EU.

Ms Nandy told inews: “I don’t think the voters are half as divided as people think, I don’t think the country is half as divided as people think.

“I’m getting a bit hot under the collar but I just feel that so many of the problems that we’ve created in this country we’ve created because we sit in rooms like this, having artificial conversations about people rather than with them.”

She added: “Having the referendum that descends into this very binary, very angry, very partisan argument afterwards, allowed politicians to stop the real question – which is, how do we forge better closer cooperation that doesn’t just deliver for people around the world but delivers for people in our own countries, as well.”

Many people have taken to social media to express their views.

One user wrote: “I don’t think there’s any polling evidence to suggest a ‘significant majority to rejoin’, is there?”

Another added: “Labour’s emboldened ‘embrace Brexit’ rhetoric is getting quite annoying now.

“I guess Lisa Nandy/Andy Burnham are as determined to lose the 2029 election as Keir Starmer is the 2024 one.

“Well, I’m happy to keep re-moaning until 2034, but let’s TRY and make it sooner!!”

A third said: “I sort of agree with her, but only in the sense that a growing number of Brexiteers are starting to realise that it was a ridiculous idea all along.”

Another Twitter user added: “It’s almost like she’s more concerned with appeasing and encouraging Brexiteer bigotry than bothering about the economic and social disaster caused by Brexit.”

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