Archie’s love for British TV show disclosed by Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle's interview comments analysed by Walker

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Meghan Markle opened up about her views of Hollywood, upcoming projects with Netflix and how she has mourned the death of Queen Elizabeth II in a wide-ranging interview with Variety released on Wednesday. In a video released by the entertainment publication, the Duchess also allowed her fans to take a peep into her private time with her adored children, Lilibet ‘Lili’ Diana and Archie Harrison, as she discussed their TV preferences.

Speaking about her daughter, Meghan said with a smile: “Well, Lili is only one, so she doesn’t watch TV.”

On the other hand, three-year-old Archie is very much into “throwback shows”, the former actress explained.

Meghan said of Archie’s TV taste: “But Archie, he’s loved Octonauts for a very long time. It’s amazing because he’s getting more into throwback shows like The Magic School Bus.

“Who would have thought? He thinks it’s great. So that’s been sort of fun, seeing it through his eyes. And Storybots is fantastic, it’s such great educational programming for kids, that’s fun, so many good songs.

“And I’ve become that mum where I am sitting around with friends and I’m singing ‘Tyrannosaurus, that’s the chorus’ and I’m like, ‘What am I singing? Oh my gosh, I’m singing Storybots.’ I am singing Storybots, I am not singing Beyoncé in that moment, I am singing Storybots.”

JJ Chalmers – a close friend of Prince Harry, had already mentioned Archie’s love for CBBC’s The Octonauts, which follows the adventures of Captain Barnacles and his crew of underwater explorers who each episode try to rescue aquatic creatures across the oceans – in a previous interview focused on how much his and the Duke’s lives have changed since they first met in the military.

In her latest interview, the Duchess mentioned the work-life balance both her and Harry have found by having a shared office at their home in Montecito, as it allows them to “have significant time with our kids”.

The Duchess also spoke with pride about the way she and the Duke are bringing up their children, saying: “We’re creating multidimensional, interesting, kind, creative people. That’s who our kids are.”

This interview comes after the end of the period of royal mourning following the death of the Queen.

An issue of Variety featuring Meghan on the front cover was meant to be released in mid-September but it was pushed back out of respect.

Meghan was set to be honoured in this year’s Variety’s Power of Women, which celebrates the achievements of women in entertainment and media, for her both her charity and creative work.

After leaving acting ahead of her nuptials with Prince Harry, the Duchess returned to the world of entertainment in 2020, when the Sussexes signed multi-year deals with streaming platforms Spotify and Netflix.

For the former, Meghan is leading the podcast series Archetypes, which explores and dissects the labels that try to hold women back.

So far, the Duchess has released six episodes, which included chats with Paris Hilton, Serena Williams and Mindy Kaling.

For Netflix, the Duke and Duchess’s production arm, Archewell Productions, announced last year it was working on Heart of Invictus, a docu-series focused on the stories of some of the athletes who attended the latest edition of the Invictus Games.

During her interview with Variety, Meghan also mentioned a docu-series – not yet officially announced by Archewell or Netflix – directed by Liz Garbus set to focus on herself and Harry.

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