Awkward moment Prince Charles is asked about Andrew just day after titles removed

Prince Charles ignores question about Prince Andrew

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Prince Charles was asked for his views over the Queen’s decision to strip his younger brother Prince Andrew of his honorary military titles. The Prince of Wales remained tight-lipped as he was asked by Sky News to comment on the recent development in the Duke of York’s saga. The royal however simply ignored the question and continued to chat amicably with his hosts during his visit to Aberdeenshire.


Sky News reporter James Matthews asked Prince Charles: “Your Royal Highness, can I ask your view on your brother’s position, Prince Andrew?

“How do you view it?”

After playing the clip showing the Prince of Wales would not comment on his brother’s saga, Mr Matthews said: “He didn’t have anything to say, he barely looked up and continued on with his journey.

“The second question would have been about the Downing Street apology, news of that was breaking as Prince Charles arrived here at the estate.”

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