BBC boss sparks ridicule and backlash after claiming £159 TV licence fee is ‘good value’

BBC slammed by Kevin O’Sullivan for use of licence fee money

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BBC director-general Tim Davie was taken to task over claims he made that the £159 TV licence fee was good value for money. TalkRADIO host Kevin O’Sullivan and Andrew Allison, from the Freedom Association, ripped into the BBC boss as “out of touch” for the remarks. Mr O’Sullivan pointed out that a recent poll showed only six percent of people in the UK saw the BBC as impartial and balanced in its news coverage.

Earlier this week, Mr Davie said the BBC is doing “pretty well” at offering value for money but that it needed to keep licence payers’ views in mind.

The BBC boss said: “If most households don’t feel they’re getting £159 of value from the BBC then we’re in trouble.

“And at the moment we’re doing pretty well.”

However, Mr O’Sullivan slapped this down, telling talkRADIO listeners: “Well, Tim, I haven’t met anyone who said it’s good value for money!”

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He continued: “Is the BBC worth £159 per year of your money? Is Tim Davie being rather complacent when he says people are rather satisfied with the BBC?

“I don’t think the conclusion he has reached is at all healthy, which is that the BBC is doing a pretty good job.

“I don’t recognise that as being the case. All I hear is people moaning about the BBC.

“Next to streaming giants like Netflix, the BBC doesn’t look like particularly good value for money because it spends so much of its cash on social projects.

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“Why, Tim Davie, are you spending £100m of our money on diversity? All this money they spend not on programming doesn’t add up to good value for money!”

Mr O’Sullivan added: “Recently, the BBC prides itself on trust, on being balanced and impartial but a recent poll actually shows that 94 percent of people didn’t trust the BBC to be impartial when it comes to news.

“Only 6 percent thought it was unbiased source of news.”

Mr Allison echoed this criticism, as he lashed out at the “woke bias” rife within the BBC.


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He said: “The top brass of the BBC all have the same metropolitan mindset.

“It doesn’t represent people from the north of England, from ordinary working class backgrounds. They treat those people with contempt.”

Earlier this week, former UKIP and Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage criticised the Prime Minister Boris Johnson for not taking his threats to review the “arrogant” broadcaster further when he won the General Election in 2019.

It comes after a recent Government report said the current BBC TV licence fee model is expected to remain until 2038.

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