BBC licence fee payer ready to go to jail over paying broadcaster ‘Can watch free then’

Pensioner says she'll 'go to jail' over BBC TV licence fee

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A pensioner has told TalkRADIO she is willing to go to jail rather than pay the TV license fee.  In July, the BBC announced over-75s would have to begin to pay the licence fee, starting from the end of the month. Pensioners in this age group had up until August 2020 been provided with a free TV Licence. Katie from Blackpool called up TalkRADIO with Kevin O’Sullivan to explain she was being hounded by the broadcaster after refusing to pay out for the licence.

Katie told TalkRADIO: “I’m not going to pay my TV license and I’ll go to jail.

“I can watch it free then, can’t I?”

She continued: “I am 77 and I have had a red-letter from that them threatening me.”

“Sending me enforcement people to get me to pay, but they have got no chance,” added Katie. 

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O’Sullivan asked Katie how long she had been a BBC licence fee payer, she replied: “Forever until I was 75!”

Asked to give her opinion on current BBC content, Kate remarked: “I don’t ever watch it.”

She told O’Sullivan the programmes were “rubbish, rubbish.”

It comes as GB News Patrick Christys agrees slammed the BBC for “criminalising the elderly”.

GB news presenter calls BBC licence fee 'morally unsustainable'

He said: “The licence fee: is it value for money? £159. That’s the price of four flights to Paris or one of my takeaways.

“The BBC has ended its licence fee grace period now for the over 75s so they now have to pay to have a bit of company in their own homes.

“In fact, if they don’t pay, the BBC can essentially send the boys round for a ‘customer care visit’ to politely inform them that if they don’t stump up the cash, they’ll get £1,000 fine or maybe even go to court.

“I would gently suggest that criminalising the elderly is not a good look for the Beeb.”

“You need a license to watch and record any live output on any channel but you can watch on-demand services without one,” he explained.

“Essentially, the BBC is holding your TV hostage like one of Beirut’s finest.

“The licence fee currently earns the corporation £3.2billion a year, almost £1million of which is spent on Zoe Ball’s radio show salary so she can come up to work and say, ‘What a lovely song that was, up next here’s another lovely song.

“Old people face a loneliness epidemic. Many of them, especially in our current Covid world, don’t venture outside their own homes, they may not have relatives or friends, and the only company they have all day is their television.”

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