BBC Newsnight interview with Andrew ‘a motivating factor’ behind settlement, lawyer claims

Prince Andrew 'imploded' after Newsnight interview says Zelin

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Prince Andrew’s decision to agree to an out-of-court settlement with his accuser Virginia Guiffre stemmed partly from his BBC Newsnight interview, according to US defence attorney Randy Zelin. The Duke of York has settled the civil sex assault claim against him for what is widely reported to be a multimillion-pound sum.

Mr Zelin told the BBC’s Americast podcast: “Certainly if he felt it would further his case, could have used the interview to his benefit.

“In fact, he imploded as a result of that interview and I can promise you that interview was a motivating factor for him to settle.

“If for no other reason, it allowed him to see what an awful witness he would have made if he chose to push all of his chips in and see this thing to trial.

“In fact, quite frankly, I would respectfully suggest that Emily’s interview actually saved Prince Andrew a lot of money because it made him recognise it’s time to end this.

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“It is time for me to recognise no matter what I have, no matter what happens the longer this goes on, the more I lose, and I do not want the Queen, my mother, I do not want whatever time she has left to be tainted, tarnished, and how she will be remembered, and her monarchy will be remembered by this travesty.

He continued: “So it was time to end it. 

“Emily’s interview was a watershed moment for him.

“It was a wake-up moment to say my god, this is what I look like this is what I’m going to look like.”

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He added: “So I think in a very weird way, Emily’s interview will be not simply it cost him a lot of money, but it may have saved him his life and may have saved him the crown.”

On Wednesday, royal expert Angela Levin argued the Queen is unlikely to push for Prince Andrew to return to royal duties after the Duke agreed to an undisclosed out-of-court settlement with Virginia Guiffre in her civil sex claim against him.

Ms Levin told GB News: “Prince Charles has told him very very clearly that he has to become invisible and not be seen at any time anything to do with the Royals.

“He might disagree with him but I think he probably realises that the Queen relies very much on Prince Charles and Prince William to make these decisions now.


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“So although I believe still that she told him to actually, you know, give in and sort it out, come to some sort of compromise.

“I don’t think she will fight very hard for him to come back and she’s always been very supportive of him, but he pushed the barrier too far.”

Ms Giuffre had accused the Duke of York of sexually abusing her when she was a teenager and also being abused by the late financier Jeffrey Epstein. 

Prince Andrew has consistently denied Giuffre’s accusations.

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