BBC Question Time audience member furious at Thornberry’s Brexit scaremongering

A BBC Question Time audience member hit out at Labour leadership candidate Emily Thornberry for scaring the British public as the shadow Foreign Secretary has said before Brexit won’t be achieved by January 31. Boris Johnson has committed to leaving the EU at the end of the month and plans on having a trade deal in place by December 31. However, Ms Thornberry said there is “no chance” of this happening.

The audience member said: “I just wanted to say that the Labour Party keep saying that Brexit is not getting done at the end of the month and it will take a long time to negotiate any deal.

“Yet no one in the leadership contest is championing anything resembling Brexit as people would have voted.

“You Emily Thornberry, you say that there is no chance a deal will be agreed before the end of the year.

“But the chair of the trade community of the EU has said it is possible.

“Why are you so negative about it?”

Ms Thornberry replied: “I will leave the issue Brexit and come on to the shadow of Corbynism because frankly, I believe this is the issue.

“I think that casting off the shadow of Corbynism means casting off speaking from the heart, I don’t cast that off.

“I don’t cast off the invigorating of the Labour Party and bringing all the people in.

“I think that if we are genuine and we are true and we say what we believe then I think people will start to come to us.

“But I do think we cannot deal with the issue of anti-Semitism in our own party than frankly I quite understand why people across the country didn’t believe that we can transform our economy.

“If we can’t even deal with an issue like that then one can understand why people it very difficult to follow us and believe in us.”

Earlier in the show, Ms Thornberry was questioned on whether Labour is listening to the electorate.


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The audience member said: “If you’re not willing to cast off the shadow of Corbynism, how can you expect us to believe you are listening to us?”

The Labour leadership candidate argued that the party should have never agreed to an election on a single issue.

She went on the insist under her leadership she would unite Britain to “help one another do well”.

Ms Thornberry added: “I think Labour has been listening to people in all of our communities.”

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