BBC should be changed into a subscription service – corporation ‘is not fit for purpose’

BBC slammed by Kevin O’Sullivan for use of licence fee money

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Those who watch live BBC TV and iPlayer must pay the annual fee of £159 or risk being fined up to £1,000 in addition to court costs. The licence fee is the annual cost viewers must pay in the UK and funds the TV, radio and online services of the BBC only.

Critics have previously suggested a subscription service could be more appropriate, in order to match streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+.

Now, an poll – which ran from 10.45am yesterday to 7am today – asked: “Should the BBC be turned into a subscription service?”

Out of 13,000 votes, 93 percent (12, 048) of people said the BBC should be turned into a subscription service like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Just seven percent (861) said no, while 91 people said they don’t know.

One reader said: “If I cancel my Netflix subscription, no big deal. If I try to cancel my BBC license, I get a criminal record.

“I haven’t watched the BBC for almost 10 years, but still I must pay.

“Time for change, please.”

A second reader accused the BBC of “blackmailing” the public and the public should have a “choice” if they want to pay.

They said: “We are being blackmailed by the government and the BBC.

“If we don’t pay the licence tax we can’t have a TV or a radio in our homes.

“It should be our choice to be able to pay for BBC or not, and we should be able to buy TVs without the BBC channels if we don’t want to watch their programmes.”

Someone else added: “The BBC should be self-supporting like other TV channels.”

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While a fourth reader said: “BBC is no longer fit for purpose.

“It’s hard to believe citizens are forced to pay for a channel they don’t watch and can receive a criminal record on the strength of no paying.

“The law needs to be changed, a subscription service needs introducing.

“If you want it you pay for it!!

“Personally I don’t want it so I don’t pay for it!!”

Many readers said the BBC should be “close down” for good.

One person said: “We need to close down the BBC and start afresh.”

Someone else said the BBC should be shut down as it is “not fit for purpose!”

Another reader added: “Shut the BBC down, who in their right mind would to pay to watch first-rate rubbish.”

While a fourth reader said: “BBC should be defunded full stop.

“It’s not fit for purpose!”

This poll comes after the BBC has faced ongoing criticism after scrapping free TV licences for most over-75s.

The corporation also faced accusations of depicting people from working-class backgrounds negatively and subject to ridicule.

Former Brexit MEP Rupert Lowe wrote on Twitter: “Johnson holds the most political power of any PM for decades.

“Use it and Defund the BBC.

“Make it a subscription service and let the people decide!”

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