BBC under fire for making energy crisis ‘far worse’ with bias: ‘Completely one-sided’

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Financial columnist Matthew Lynn hit out at the broadcaster for “pumping out a constant stream of propaganda demanding more intervention in the market”.

Writing for the Telegraph, Mr Lynn said: “If you are getting your news about the gathering energy crisis from the BBC, then you will have been told time and again that there are only three ways to fix the soaring cost of gas and heating.

“State control. More state control. And, if that doesn’t work, putting an official at a desk in Whitehall in charge.

“But surely it is the Government meddling in the market that has left us in this mess?

“In reality, the UK needs to have a grown-up, sensible debate about energy policy, and about how we transition to green fuels, at reasonable cost, and while making sure that our supplies are secured.”

Mr Lynn claimed the BBC is “making the energy crisis far, far worse than it needs to be”.

He accused the broadcaster’s coverage of the energy crisis and climate change of being “completely one-sided”.

He said: “What the BBC conveniently ignores is that it is government policy that has landed us in this mess in the first place. It rushed into a net zero target.”

Mr Lynn insisted the country needs to have a “sensible national conversation” on the issue.

He added: “We need to have that debate, and then work out a way of moving forward, but that is hardly possible while the BBC is pumping out a constant stream of anti-market, anti-business propaganda.”

Mr Lynn’s comments come as people face soaring energy prices.

Last week, regulator Ofgem announced a rise in the price cap which could see average annual bills rise by £693.

Boris Johnson on Tuesday said oil and gas will continue to play an important role in the UK’s energy supply as the country transitions to net-zero carbon emissions.

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The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said: “The oil and gas industry will continue to play a role as we make that transition.

“They are investing in clean technologies like carbon capture and hydrogen that we need to get to net zero.

“We know that having an element of independence of oil and gas is important.

“Sourcing gas locally through the North Sea makes us less dependent on foreign imports.”

The BBC has been contacted for comment.

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