BBC urged to axe ‘anachronistic’ licence fee after John Humphrys warning – new poll

Brexit: John Humphrys reveals he voted to remain

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The former Nine O’Clock News and Today presenter proposed the drastic measure yesterday, claiming: “Its time has come”. Mr Humphrys suggested it was simply unreasonable to force anyone who owned a television set to pay £159 a year even if they did not watch the BBC, especially given the rise of Netflix and other streaming services.

Out of 8,823 people who voted between 1.15pm yesterday and 10am this morning, a whopping 98 percent (8,646) voted yes.

Just two percent (176 people) said no, while a statistically insignificant 32 were undecided.

Comments at the end of yesterday’s story made it clear where the vast majority of them stood on the issue.

The licence fee has to go. No question reader

One reader commented: “The licence fee has to go. No question.

“The BBC’s operations are deeply entrenched in their own agendas, facilitated by the activists that work there.”

They explained: “It no longer represents the spectrum of UK life and society.

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“It has to be pay-to-view TV. Then Auntie can do as the she pleases in her woke world.”

Another added: “I don’t have to pay Tesco to shop at Sainsbury.

”The BBC licence is an anachronism.

“Let the BBC stand on its own two feet.

“But the spineless politicians we have now will never allow it.”

The BBC has courted controversy in recent years with the salaries it pays to its top earners, including Gary Lineker, who rakes in almost £1.4million a year.

Additionally, the decision to scrap the licence fee exemption for people over the age of 75 has also stoked anger.

A third reader said: “I think the BBC has been busily banging nails into its own coffin for years now.

“You can’t insult, patronise & threaten your customer base for years, then expect those same customers to cough up money to keep you in business.”

Another questioned why Mr Humphrys had changed his tune in recent years.

They said: “Whilst during his position as a stalwart of the BBC, Mr Humphrys was happy to take our money.

“Now he’s left the biased organisation he is happy to criticise it. Didn’t hear much criticism from him whilst on their payroll.

“However he is right in calling for the licence fee to be abolished.”

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