BBC’s future will ‘spiral out of control’ as public rages over fears of more coverups

Bashir inquiry: Experts discuss future of BBC

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The BBC face outrage across the world following the release of Lord Dyson’s report that concluded that the broadcaster had used deceit to get the Princess Diana 1995 Panorama interview. TalkRadio host Julia Hartley-Brewer and political expert Trevor Kavanagh discussed the fallout and public response. The pair agreed the public were outraged at the BBC for covering up enquiries into the interview years ago and feared the broadcaster could be covering more criminal or deceitful behaviour.

Mr Kavanagh warned that the BBC could quickly spiral out of control as its future was already uncertain.

Ms Hartley Brewer said: “There was a coverup then and there has been a coverup ever since.

“Even when this came out as a result of a freedom of information request in a documentary last year with comments again from Earl Spencer, again more attempts to cover it up.

“The BBC has done this before, we know this about Jimmie Saville, even though their own reporters tried to expose some of it.

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“Whenever they feel the damage to their institution will be great they are then willing to allow damage to be done to people.

“The real concern people are going to have is, while the BBC sits on a pedal stool and sits there moralising at everyone else, there may be other things that are being hidden.

“It is not just the Diana interview, it is not just Jimmy Savile it is that this is happening on an industrial scale.”

Mr Kavanagh agreed and warned of the future of the BBC.

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He explained he had already received emails from people concerned the BBC was hiding more regrettable actions from its past. 

He said: It was an endemic process that the BBC feels above the law.

“Its long-term future was in doubt before this, but I fear it will now spiral out of control.”

He added: “Already this morning I have had emails from readers saying that if this is one example there must be others.

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“You have to wonder about the modus operandi of the BBC when the editor is telling people that it is none of their business that crimes are being committed.

“It wasn’t just a coverup in the sense that they were not telling the whole story, they were blatantly lying in direct response to questions on the factual matters.

“They refused to admit things they knew repeatedly as well.”

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