BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg warns Boris Johnson’s U-turn to spark ‘unease’ with Tory voters

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The BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg insisted that U-turns do matter regardless of whether they are made to ensure the Government takes the correct path. While on the podcast Coronavirus Newscast with host Adam Fleming, she said those that support the Boris Johnson’s Tory Party may become anxious the party may change its mind on issues flippantly. She added Ministers may be put in a compromising position as they will have to defend decisions made by the Government only for them to be changed at a later date.

Mr Fleming asked: “Do U-turns, actually matter in the grand scheme of things?

“Or is it more about getting to the right place eventually?”

Ms Kuenssberg admitted it was a bit of both and went into detail of the potential problems U-turns could create for Boris Johnson’s Government.

Ms Kuenssberg said: “Can I be really annoying and say yes and no?

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“They matter, of course, if they end up with a Government doing something that was better than they were going to do otherwise.

“Then that, obviously, is a good thing.

“And I think it is fair to say that the political bubble cares a lot more about the concept of a U-turn than most people who are listening to the news and living their lives.”

Ms Kuenssberg then warned the issue Boris Johnson and the Tory Party could face if they regularly make U-turns on critical issues.

She said: “They do matter in that they create a bit of unease among political parties.

“They also create unease among the people Governments or leaders need on their side.

“They will think, hang on a minute, how can we really trust you are going to stick to what you say.

“This is an issue not least for Ministers who have to go out and defend something that sounds quite unpopular in the morning for you to change your mind in the afternoon.”

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Transport Secretary Grant Shapps was put in this compromising position on Tuesday morning as he attempted to defend the Government’s refusal to pay for disadvantaged children’s school meals during the summer.

While on Sky New3s with Kay Burley, Mr Shapps argued the UK Government had appointed £63m to local authorities to help administer funds to parents struggling to feed their children during the coronavirus crisis. 

Despite this, within the next six hours, Boris Johnson’s Government announced it had made a U-turn on the issue and more money would be going towards feeding impoverished British children during the health crisis.

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