BBC’s Laura Kuessberg warns ‘sub-par’ Boris’s top team thrown into chaos amid coronavirus

BBC Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg has warned that while Boris Johnson continues to suffer from coronavirus, almost half of his top team at Downing Street is off work. She explained that while the country undergoes severe measures to combat the spread of coronavirus that a lot of influential figures in Government are not currently around. Speaking on BBC’s Newscast, Ms Kuenssberg said: “At one point in Downing Street about half of the office was off work.


“Dominic Cummings, the senior adviser, has been off work.

“David Frost, the Brexit negotiator, has been off work.

“The chief decision-maker is ‘sub-par’.

“But a lot of the influential thinkers in No10 are not around at the moment.

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“Certainly, if they are around they’re not operating at 100 percent. You cannot say that it doesn’t matter.”

Co-host Adam Fleming added: “In a bizarre parallel Leo Vardakar is going into the health service because he’s trained as a doctor.

“He’s going to hospitals to help the service.”

Her comments come as Mr Johnson, who had been isolating in Downing Street after testing positive for the virus last month, was taken to hospital on Sunday night because he still had a high temperature and his doctors felt he needed additional tests.

His office and ministers said the 55-year-old Prime Minister will continue to run the Government, that the Prime Minister was doing well and that he would undergo “routine tests” as a precaution, though Downing Street declined to say which tests he would have.

Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick said: “He’ll stay in hospital as long as he needs to do that, but I’ve heard that he’s doing well and I very much look forward to him being back in No10 as soon as possible.

“This isn’t an emergency admission and so I certainly expect that he’ll be back at No10 shortly.”

On March 27, Johnson became the first leader of a major power to announce that he had tested positive. He went into isolation at an apartment in Downing Street.


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It was not clear how an ill Prime Minister could lead the Government’s emergency response to the outbreak from a hospital.

Some medics said it was unclear what was meant by precautionary tests for COVID-19 complications.

With only an unwieldy collection of sometimes ancient and contradictory precedents to go by, there is no formal succession plan should the prime minister become incapacitated.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab chaired the government’s emergency COVID-19 meeting on Monday.

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