Beaming Queen shows off her Jubilee display – but watch detail could worry fans

The Queen’s 70 years on the throne discussed by Robert Jobson

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The Queen was photographed while viewing cards sent to her by well-wishers to mark the Silver, Golden and upcoming Platinum Jubilee. In the snaps, the monarch looks in great spirits and smiles widely as she goes through the colourful and sometimes ingenious tributes in her honour.

In the snaps, the Queen wears a light blue dress, accessorised with two matching brooches and her signature pearl earrings and necklace.

While the Queen looks in splendid form in the latest pictures released, she appears to have lost weight in recent months.

Her Majesty’s watch appears looser on her wrist now than it did in pictures taken less than one year ago.

The Queen was spotted wearing this same golden wristwatch also in June, on the fifth day of Royal Ascot, and in July, on the first day of the Royal Windsor Horse Show.

The Queen drastically reduced her working schedule in late 2021. 

On October 20, the palace announced the monarch had agreed to cancel her planned visit to Northern Ireland and follow her doctors’ advice to rest for a few days.

It was later revealed the Queen had been taken to hospital on that same day to run a few “preliminary tests” – the nature and results of which were not disclosed.

The sovereign later cancelled all her other planned official visits outside of Windsor Castle.

In November, Buckingham Palace said the monarch would interrupt her period of rest to attend the National Service of Remembrance in person. 

However, she had to pull out of it last minute due to a sprained back.

While she hasn’t carried out any official visits outside of Windsor Castle, the relentless Queen has continued to carry out her daily duties as a sovereign.

And, throughout October, November and December, she hosted several meetings and audiences, either in person or via video link.

The latest pictures of the Queen released by the palace were taken in the Oak Room at Windsor Castle in January.

A few days later, Her Majesty was helicoptered to Sandringham, from where she will see her Platinum Jubilee year officially start on Sunday.

While she was viewing a collection of cards sent to her by royal fans, the monarch’s attention was caught by one sent ahead of the 2002 Golden Jubilee, as it was made from eight bottle tops including milk, Coca-Cola and Schweppes bottles, and presented the handwritten words “Ma’am You’re The Tops”.

Appreciating the card with Dr Stella Panayotova, librarian and assistant keeper of the royal archives, the Queen said: “That’s good, simple but ingenious.”

Another message catching the eye of the sovereign also dated back to 2002 and came from a nine-year-old boy called Chris.

In his message, titled “A Recipe For A Perfect Queen”, he listed the ingredients, which included “500ml of royal blood”, a “dab of jewels and posh gowns” and “a dash of loyalty”.

The Queen laughed after reading the card, adding: “That’s quite fun, isn’t it.”

While the Jubilee will officially begin on February 6, the anniversary of King George VI’s death, the monarch has already received several cards marking her Platinum Jubilee.

The Queen was particularly impressed by one featuring a picture of her as a young woman surrounded by flowers with the words “70 Glorious Years”.

In one of the snaps released by the palace, the Queen can be seen viewing a fan presented to Queen Victoria to mark her Golden Jubilee in 1887 by the then Prince and Princess of Wales, later Edward VII and Queen Alexandra.

Following the Jubilee year, the fan was signed by members of her family including Princess Alix, who later became the last Tsarina of Russia.

The Queen opened the fan and noted how easily it could have been damaged when being signed, adding: “Extraordinary isn’t it, and it still shuts.”

Commenting on the signatures she said: “Well that’s very interesting to see, quite a gathering.”

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