‘Beautiful’ Meghan beams in new behind-the-scenes photo

Meghan Markle ‘true to form’ in interview says Cohen

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Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, has appeared in a new candid photo with one of her podcast guests. Comedian Ziwe Fumudoh, the most recent guest on her ‘Archetypes’ podcast, posted a beaming snap on Twitter of the two from behind the scenes. She posted the photo while asking: “What archetypes do you think Meghan Markle and I represent?”

The post received rave reviews from the Duchess’ fans, who hailed the post with a barrage of positive comments. 

One user, @andrews_ange, said they were “beautiful, intelligent, articulate” adding they “really enjoyed the episode!”.

Another, @Mrs_K_Suleiman, added: “You set the bar high, you two…Loved it.”

Other users praised Ms Fumudoh’s participation in the ‘Upending the Angry Black Woman Myth’ episode, which Spotify released this morning. 

Twitter user @vmaclive said they were “sorry to say” that they weren’t “familiar with you before this podcast session”.

But, they added: “I’m glad I listened because now I’m a fan. I need watch a few of your shows. It sounds like you are speaking the TRUTH.”

The photo showed both celebrities clad in black, with the Duchess donning an expensive designer outfit. 

She wore a monochrome outfit combining a pair of leather trousers with a turtleneck jumper. 

The trousers, worth approximately £975, came from American designer label Anine Bing.

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