‘Better things to do!’ Royal expert slams Kate and Diana style comparison

Kate Middleton will have 'freedom' in Windsor says Seward

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Ms Arbiter explained various instances in which the two members of the Royal Family have been compared when it comes to their wardrobe choices. Recalling the latest incident, she wrote that in the wake of the Duchess of Cambridge’s appearance on day four of Royal Ascot late last week, global headlines hailed the stylish royal for “paying tribute” to Diana, Princess of Wales, by recreating one of her most fashionable looks.

Sporting a chic polka dot dress by Alessandra Rich, and a NAEVA boater hat decorated with white origami flowers, fans and commentators alike suggested her ensemble represented a touching homage to her husband’s mother, who was photographed wearing a vaguely similar dress to the Epsom Derby in 1986 and Royal Ascot in 1988.

Ms Arbiter writes: “Granted, both outfits featured long sleeves, high necklines and spots, but still comparisons between the two royals have undeniably become par for the course.

“For years, fashion editors have dined out on flagging replica attire, but short of having a bible dedicated to Diana’s every whim, I suspect Kate has better things to do than pore over the Internet in search of her next “ode”.

“All the same, rarely are her clothes discussed without a reference to Diana.

“While many might relish being compared to a woman universally adored, the duchess may well long for the day in which she’s judged on her own merits versus continually being hailed for honouring the mother-in-law she never met.”

Since she was first photographed wearing Diana’s breathtaking diamond and sapphire engagement ring in November 2010, comparisons have been her cross to bear.

However, after 11 years on the job, she’s more than worthy of her own identity.

Given her far-reaching influence, not to mention the widely touted “Kate Effect”, she’s earned her place in the fashion annals of our time regardless of Diana’s enduring appeal.

Ms Arbiter added: “In reality, Kate is vastly different to Diana.

“The first future Queen consort to hold a university degree, she comes from a loving and stable family unit and she’s benefitted from a slow and steady build due to her husband’s position as second in line.

“As the memory of Diana’s association to the moniker slowly fades, one hopes Kate will be given room to make her mark without being likened to the former royal every step of the way.

“A luminescent presence, Diana will always be considered the undisputed Queen of Fashion.

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“But, as the 25th anniversary of her death draws near, it’s time for Kate to be freed from the shadows of the past so her own unique brand of magic can independently shine.”

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