Biden’s ‘touchy-feely’ meeting with Charles has ‘made up for Coronation snub’

King Charles And Joe Biden At Windsor Castle

Joe Biden’s touchy-feely meeting with King Charles III on Monday may have gone some way to repairing relations since the president’s perceived Coronation snub, according to palace aides.

Biden, 80, missed the crowning of the monarch, 74, instead sending his wife and First Lady Jill Biden to the event. Some saw the move as a snub to the new King.

However, if the King took issue with Biden’s absence, he certainly didn’t show it during their meeting at Windsor Castle on Monday. In fact, a spokesperson for Charles noted the “personal warmth” between the two men.

Their meeting was “extremely cordial and successful” which “touched on a wide variety of issues of mutual interest and concern”, according to the spokesperson.

They added: “You will have seen for yourselves the personal warmth between His Majesty and the President.”

That warmth was on full display when Joe Biden greeted the monarch. He left a lingering hand on King Charles’s elbow – something which appeared to momentarily surprise the King – and placed his hand on Charles’s back as the two walked and spoke. Biden placed his hand on the King’s back twice more throughout the visit.

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But the King was not in the least bothered by the US president’s closeness. It may have even made up for his perceived Coronation snub, the Telegraph has reported, citing palace aides.

After listening to the Welsh Guard play the American national anthem – The Star Spangled Banner – and then inspecting the troops, Biden and Charles retired for a private 20-minute meeting where they took tea together.

The King then invited Biden to view items on display from the Royal Collection which were related to the Firm’s relationship with previous presidents.

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Finally, the two men moved to the poignantly coloured Green Drawing Room where 50 to 60 participants of the Climate Finance Mobilisation Forum waited.

Charles has long been interested in environmental issues including climate change and it’s an area where the two men are likely to have found much common ground.

Although Biden is known for his tactile displays, he never greeted Charles’s mother Queen Elizabeth II in a similar style.

Regardless, there was certainly a “personal warmth” on display between the two men from the same generation who share a common interest in the issue of climate change.

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