Big cat encounter spooks dog as owner says pup went on ‘high alert’

Gloucestershire: 'Big cat' seen at a fishing lake in Haresfield

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A dog walker has shared images online of a shocking discovery in the snow which led to their pooch going on “high alert”. Jay Jones sparked fears that there could be a big cat on the loose after taking photographs of some very large footprints that he described as “all very strange”.

His wife is now concerned that there could be “something” lurking near them after google images brought up similar results to what they saw.

Mr Jones recalled the moment he saw the giant footprints when he was walking his dog on Wednesday in a woodland near Hallworthy between Camelford and Launceston in north Cornwall.

He suddenly spotted something odd in the snow.

Mr Jones’ wife Rowena shared photos of the footprints which have a grooving consistent with paws, according to Cornwall Live.

She also made a comparison of the prints and her husband’s hand which showed they are roughly the same size.

She said: “Jay was in woodland area next to The Wilsey Down pub.

“He sent the pictures to me whilst walking and I was taking the mickey saying you better get out or a big cat will come and eat you.

“We laughed but then couldn’t work out what else it could be.

“I googled big cat paw prints and they look very similar.

“Our dog sniffed it and was then on high alert.

“It’s all very strange.”

In August there were numerous sightings of big cats in Snowdonia National Park in North Wales, including photos of giant paw prints.

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Three walkers discovered the footprints of big cats, which is believed to include pumas.

Over the summer, Patsy Toleman said she saw a “big cat-like creature” when taking her dog for a walk in a country park next to the M5 in Gloucestershire.

She said that the animal was big enough to be a black Labrador but also noted it had pointy ears like a cat.

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