Bikers re-trace last journey of crash victim Harry Dunn

Bikers paid tribute to British teenager Harry Dunn by re-tracing the journey he took when he was hit and killed, allegedly by the wife of a US diplomat.

Thousands lined the streets of Brackley, Northamptonshire on Sunday, as riders carrying ‘Justice 4 Harry’ stickers left the town in formation.

Harry, 19, died after a collision in Northamptonshire in August, leading to suspect Anne Sacoolas leaving the UK and claiming diplomatic immunity in the US.

Police investigating his death have handed a file to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) after interviewing her in the States, but no charges have been made yet.

The crash victim’s parents Tim Dunn and Charlotte Charles attended the ride and said support from the public was ‘the only thing keeping us going’.

In an interview with Sky News Mr Dunn said: ‘The support we’ve had from the country has been amazing.

‘If it wasn’t for the support of the country and people sending us messages I don’t know how we’d get through this.’

Harry’s parents told Sky how his twin Niall is struggling to cope after losing his brother.

Mr Dunn said: ‘The hardest thing is a dad is I can see him suffering and I can’t do anything for him at the moment. There’s nothing I can do as a dad to make him feel less pain 12 weeks on.’

Ms Charles said Niall was managing his grief ‘the same as us’, explaining: ‘He gets up every day, gets through each hour.

‘We talk, not directly about the issues of what’s going on so much, we probably only have one conversation each day about that.

‘I think distraction methods are the only thing that is keeping him going, like us. Niall is coping as much as he possibly can, which is being with us as a family.’

Mrs Sacoolas is believed to have been driving on the wrong side of the road when she hit Mr Dunn’s motorbike outside RAF Croughton on August 27.

She claimed diplomatic immunity after the incident and fled to the US.

Earlier this week, former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the rules around diplomatic immunity ‘should be looked at’.

Mr Dunn said his hoped Mrs Clinton’s comments would ‘help push forward’ the chance of Mrs Sacoolas return to the UK.

The family say there were ‘strongly’ led to believe they could expect a charge decision this week but are still in the dark with no idea when they might hear from the CPS.

‘We are absolutely on our knees as a set of parents and a family,’ the parents said.

‘We lost our beautiful boy almost 12 weeks ago and the authorities are making our lives a living hell.’

A CPS spokesperson said: ‘We fully understand how difficult this must be for Harry Dunn’s family, and the CPS is doing everything possible to reach a charging decision as soon as we can.

‘Unfortunately, we are unable to tell the family how long that will take. Each case is different, and the CPS has a duty to carefully consider all the available information, in order to make an independent and objective decision.’

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