Billionaire family hiring ‘dog nanny’ to live in Knightsbridge mansion for £100K

A billionaire family is looking for a full-time dog nanny to look after their beloved pooches for a salary of £100,000.

The job advert asks for “exceptional and highly experienced” workers to “provide unparalleled care and attention” to the large dogs.

Whoever scores the chance of receiving the enticing financial package will need to move into the family’s home in Knightsbridge, London, and would get to jet off with the dogs wherever the American owners go.

As well as general care duties, the job calls for someone who can arrange play dates with other dogs and a detailed health record for each pet to be kept.

The perfect applicant needs knowledge of dog nutrition so they can develop a “personalised exercise regime” and play with the furry friends.

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George Ralph-Dunn of Fairfax and Kensington recruitment agency, who are recruiting the nanny on their client’s behalf, says the giant £100,000 salary is “unheard of” in the industry, reports the Mirror.

However the nanny would need to “drop everything” and “leave their private lives on the backburner” to put the dogs’ well-being first.

The nanny is also expected the arrange “stringent security measures” to keep the dogs safe in what’s described as a “high-profile environment” – suggesting the owners could be celebrities or figures in the public eye.

He says he’s had more than 300 applications for the job so far and the firm plans to whittle down the hopefuls before running strict background checks and trials with the family.

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George said: “With these jobs the clients are looking for someone yesterday and we’ve already had between 300 and 400 applications. Everyone’s suddenly a dog nanny.

“The perfect person would be not too big of a character and be good at blending into the background then popping out when required. The clients are billionaires looking for best-in-class service so when it comes to their dogs they’re happy to pay.

“This is the first role we’ve offered of its kind. The salary connected to it is pretty unheard of. Even as a vet you’d be struggling to earn that amount of money.

“When money is no object people want the best and you attract the best with the best salary.

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“There’s six weeks off per year but when you’re dealing with these sorts of clients, if they want to go to Monaco tomorrow you’d be on a private jet flying with those dogs.

“You really do need to drop everything and be there when they call and leave your private life on the backburner.”

George says he’s unable to give any details about the dogs or the clients so far but he hopes to finish the intense recruitment process by the end of the month.

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