Bizarre moment Yvette Cooper brands May’s attempt to win MPs’ approval ‘REVERSE FERRET’

The Labour Remainer also claimed the Government was attempting to “split a goat’s head in two” following House of Commons leader Andrea Leadsom’s announcement MPs will be given the chance to vote on Mrs May’s withdrawal agreement on Friday night separately from the political declaration. The decision comes despite legislation dictating a Brexit deal could only be ratified by the House of Commons if presented as a whole with both the withdrawal agreement and the political declaration put to a sole vote of the House.

Ms Cooper said: “This is the original legislation we fought for, the right for this sovereign Parliament to have its say on both things together.

“These are two horns on the same goat. The goat’s head cannot be divided as the Government is seeking to do.

“This is an extraordinary and unprecedented reverse ferret of the commitments that have been given by ministers to this place that we should have our say on both items together.

“And is it no extraordinary that we have this coming right on the day when we know that there are going to be far-right demonstrators gathering in Parliament Square?”

Commons Leader Ms Leadsom urged MPs to back the deal “so that we can leave the EU in an orderly way that gives businesses and people the certainty that they need”.

She told the Commons: “Tomorrow’s motion gives Parliament the opportunity to secure that extension.

“I think we can all agree that we don’t want to be in the situation of asking for another extension and facing the potential requirement of participating in European Parliament elections.”

Labour’s shadow leader of the House of Commons, Chris Bryant said: “So far as I understand it the Government, if the motion were carried tomorrow, would not be able to ratify the Withdrawal Agreement treaty.”

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