Bone in blistering attack on ‘evil’ human trafficking gangs as he demands ‘Stop the route’

Migrants: Peter Bone says ‘we need to make route unviable’

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Tory MP Peter Bone has called on Britain’s legislation to find a ‘return policy’ agreement with France regarding migrants illegally entering the UK to seek asylum, stating that these people should be “taken back in a ferry” as soon as they set foot in the UK and also be denied asylum. He is adamant that once this new approach is adopted, we will see the end of the current migrant crisis and many lives would be saved as a result. The Conservative Party politician insisted the move would go a long way towards tackling “evil” human trafficking and smuggling gangs which would prevent tragedies like boats sinking.

He told Channel 4: “It seems to me that it’s a very simple solution to start with.

“It’s to get people arriving in this country from France, take them back in a ferry to France and that would make the route unviable.

“Why would people cross? Pay lots and lots of money to these evil gangs if they knew they weren’t gonna enter the United Kingdom!”

The Tory MP also stressed that France should deal with the issue of processing asylum applications, or other countries where migrants first entered into Europe.

He added: “As I understand it, the first safe country asylum seeks are arriving, they have to apply for asylum there. France is a safe country and they should do so.

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“If we want to save lives, and I am afraid these weren’t the first lives, that have been lost this year.

“This has been going on throughout the years, we’ve been losing people throughout the years in the Channel.

“You have to stop the route and if the French want to do something about it then agree a return policy!”

Most refugees and migrants who enter the UK by crossing the Channel often come from financially deprived countries like Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, and Egypt hoping to flee violence and war and find better living conditions in England.

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The smugglers who provide the boats can demand up to £1,200 per person for a journey that often ends in tragedy with bad weather, engine failure, and running out of fuel often leading to drownings.

Mr Bone’s comments come as twenty-seven people died on Wednesday as they attempted to reach British shores from France.

The Tory MP said: “My prayers and thoughts for all the people that lost lives and their family and friends.

“But I guarantee one group are not in their thoughts and prayers, it’s these evil human trafficking and human smuggling gangs.


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“All they will be worried about is where they’ve got the money from these people. They don’t care about life and the only way we’re going to stop this [is if] we’re making the route unviable.”

But a trail could finally be blazed as last week UK home secretary Priti Patel and the French interior minister Gerald Darmanin announced that an agreement was reached to “prevent 100 percent of crossings”.

An operational collaboration between France and England was strengthened to prevent migrants from taking the deadly route and a new law, including the overhaul of the asylum rules is expected to come into force.

Migrants entering the UK without permission could be handed prison sentences of up to four years while convicted people smugglers could face life behind bars.


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