Boris and Carrie’s son to ‘lighten the mood’ as Queen crunch talks over funeral leak loom

Boris Johnson and Carrie: Levin discusses visit to Balmoral

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Royal biographer Angela Levin told GB News it was likely a good thing that Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie were reportedly visiting the Queen at Balmoral Castle this weekend. She explained if they met it would be a good opportunity for the Queen to speak with the Prime Minister about her leaked funeral plans and claimed it would likely come up in conversation. But Ms Levin added if it went ahead the family-loving Queen would welcome Boris’ son Wilfred who is expected to “lighten the feeling”.

Appearing on GB News, Ms Levin added: “I think that’s quite good actually that she takes them to one side and says what she thinks.

“I don’t see there’s any problem there, but I think their little child is 16-months-old now and will actually lighten the feeling because she loves family, she loves children.

“And I think there will be other children there no doubt, the palace is always very careful to make sure that nobody has a bad time.

“And I think that that will help because they’re very funny once they get to 16 months.”

Ms Levin also attacked the leaking of the funeral plans, adding: “It would bring it nearer psychologically, wouldn’t it?

“I just think it just shows no morals and no understanding of a woman of her age and what she’s given to the country – it must be somebody who really hates Britain as well.”

According to the Daily Mail’s diary editor, Richard Eden, a source claims Mr and Mrs Johnson will visit the Queen this weekend in Scotland and will bring along their son Wilfred.

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It will be the first time they meet the Queen as a married couple.

However, the source told the Daily Mail: “The visit is still due to go ahead but, frankly, we’d rather it wasn’t.”

A friend of the couple told Mr Eden for Mail Plus: “They are very much looking forward to the visit.

“They have taken all Covid precautions and it will be very safe.”

Wilfred was born on April 29, 2020, and is the first child of Carrie and Boris who married in secret earlier this year.

Royal author Katie Nicholl claimed the Queen leaves presents on her loved ones’ beds when Kate and Prince William visit her with their three children.

Ms Nicholl also reported claims the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spent the past week at Balmoral Castle with the Queen with their little ones.

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