Boris ‘gambling with NHS to save his leadership’ as tougher Plan C restrictions loom

Boris Johnson grilled by Kuenssberg over new Covid measures

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MPs have reportedly been urged to remain on stand-by on Christmas week to vote for tougher restrictions, a move which would see the current Plan B moved to Plan C. A possible recall of Parliament could take place on Tuesday 21 December should cases of the Omicron variant look as though they will pass the million mark.

The vote to implement Plan C, would see masks introduced in indoor spaces and vaccine passports implemented for pubs and restaurants.

A Health Department source told The Mirror it would be “killer” for the Prime Minister if anything were to happen before Christmas.

They said: “If you follow the science, we should really be doing Plan C now.

“The PM is gambling with the NHS to save his leadership.

“But we all know the PM can’t let anything hit Christmas.

“That really did him damage last time round. To do it again would be killer.”

Further reports indicate an even more draconian Plan D is also being considered which would drive the country into near lockdown conditions.

According to the Mirror, Mr Johnson is hoping to postpone any new Covid restrictions until New Year’s Day at the earliest.

The move comes as the Prime Minister is set to be hit with the biggest rebellion yet on Tuesday when over 60 of his own MPs are expected to reject his Plan B measures.

A source on the 1922 committee of backbench MPs warned: “If things don’t change then at some point the Prime Minister will face a vote of confidence.”

The source said that MPs are “hacked off about the Covid restrictions and the hypocrisy of the Christmas parties,” adding: “On fiscal policy, the tax rises and big spending, the failure to protect traditional liberties are all a problem.

“Boris Johnson has never really appealed to the traditional Conservatives but now he is also losing support with the new red wall MPs and that’s a problem for him.”

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SAGE scientists suggest that in order to slash the chances of Omicron surging throughout the country, Plan C must be introduced immediately, Christmas parties cancelled and vaccines rolled out for the under 12s.

According to The Times, the NHS is reportedly preparing to administer Covid jabs to children as young as five in a bid to stop the surge of cases.

Primary school children could start receiving their vaccinations soon as the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is expected to deem the vaccine safe for young children within weeks.

Professor Stephen Reicher of St Andrews University said: “Omicron is coming at us like an express train.

“We must slow it down to buy time otherwise we will be in a crisis at Christmas.”

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