Boris Johnson savaged over ‘abysmal’ Brexit deal by Ben Habib – ‘We had to leave in June!’

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Speaking to, the former Brexit Party MEP for London, claimed the EU has dragged the UK to its own deadline and will “force” their demands on Britain. Mr Habib also criticised the Prime Minister for not walking away from negotiations sooner in order to give British businesses enough time to prepare for the end of the transition period on January 1. He said: “I think it’s abysmal how we’ve so far conducted Brexit negotiations.

“The Brexit Party set out in its negotiating mandate in February, that we would walk without a deal at the end of June, if we hadn’t made substantial progress toward the deal by then.

“And come the end of June, the Prime Minister said I’m going to ‘put a tiger in the tank’ and negotiate to get a deal in July.

“We’ve heard that we’ll get a deal by the 15th of October and here we are in November, seemingly no closer to a deal.

“The EU has done what anyone sensible would do in their shoes.

“They’re dragging us right up to the end of the deadline which the Brexit Party warned the Prime Minister was dangerous for negotiations.

“They’re going to drag up to that headline, and then they’re going to force their demands on us.”

Considering the impact of the coronavirus, Mr Habib stated Mr Johnson should’ve taken the gamble of walking away from negotiations in order to gain full control of “own institutions and organisations” come January 1.

Despite the new intent placed into negotiations last month, fisheries, state aid and the dispute mechanism all remain as the main areas of divergence.

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Due to this, both Lord David Frost and Michel Barnier departed talks without gaining much progress on a free trade deal this week.

Talks will now resume on Sunday between Lord Frost and Mr Barnier in order to agree a deal by the EU’s rumoured deadline of November 14.

As a result of the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the EU is desperate to agree a deal in order to soften the blow caused by a no deal Brexit and the virus.

However, any deal will need to be ratified by the EU 27 before it is then implemented from January 1.


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The Prime Minister will now hold talks with EU Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen to discuss the state of play of negotiations.

Ahead of the talks, Mr Johnson stated his hope a deal can soon be agreed in order to give both sides the needed time to implement the agreement.

He said: “I very much hope that we will get a deal, and obviously that depends on our friends and partners across the Channel.

“I think there is a deal to be done if they want to do.

“If not, the country is of course very, very well prepared and as I have said before, we can do very, very well on Australian terms.”

Sources on the continent, however, are less optimistic over an agreement with some indicating the UK team has deliberately stalled negotiations.

Amid the uncertainty surrounding talks, the National Audit Office has claimed it will be very unlikely traders will be ready for the new changes imposed at borders.

The report from the office also stated its uncertainty over the needed infrastructure at borders and whether it would be ready in time.

The Government, however, has pledged £705million to ensure the correct infrastructure is in place to help companies.

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