Boris Johnson saved Christmas with ‘one good decision’ on Covid ‘Better than Europe!’

Coronavirus: Camilla Tominey praises Boris for 'saving Christmas'

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Radio presenter Camilla Tominey backed Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s decision to “put all of his eggs in the vaccination basket”. Several European countries including Belgium, Luxembourg and Italy have maintained strict coronavirus restrictions to prevent the spread of the virus despite ongoing vaccination efforts. But the UK decided not to follow suit by adopting a policy of their own, with Ms Tominey reacting with delight at the rewards the United Kingdom are now reaping thanks to Mr Johnson’s at first opinion-splitting decision.

Ms Tominey told her radio show on LBC: “These are the countries that have had the restrictions that we haven’t had made mandatory since July.

“So, they’ve been ultra-mask wearing and ultra-social distancing, but haven’t we now benefitted from the decisions we made in the summer?”

But Ms Tominey also appeared to advertently aim a dig at Johnson for how he had dealt with the pandemic previously.

She reckoned that the prime minister’s decision to place his faith in the jab and ditch face masks and social distancing in summer is ‘the one good decision’ he has made so far to deal with the global pandemic. 

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She added: “Isn’t actually this the one good decision that Boris Johnson has made by putting all of his eggs in the vaccination basket?”

A lockdown was in place in the UK between March 2020 and July 2021 in which non-essential and travel was not advised as the wearing of face masks and social distancing were mandatory and mixing with people from other households was not permitted for a long time.

Covid cases have spiralled in a number of European countries despite the mandatory wearing of face masks and Austria imposed a new national lockdown in the face of record numbers of infections.

The national lockdown will initially last for ten days and all residents of Austria must take the jab by February 1

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Covid-related deaths, hospitalizations, and infections continue to fall in England and Wales while it remains level in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

But the UK’s statistics stand in stark contrast to the rest of Europe where the alarming spike in cases has been a major talking point.

Bulgaria, Hungary, and the Czech Republic have the highest rate of coronavirus deaths.

The Netherlands were the first country to impose a partial lockdown since the summer after introducing strict new measures on November 13. 


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And Germany could be the next country to adopt such drastic measures. As of today, there is a remote chance of England following suit.

Unlike the rest of Europe, England also have one of the toughest policies for travellers as people who come to the UK from a non-red list country require a negative Covid test and book mandatory day 2 and day 8 COVID-19 tests if not vaccinated and must also self-isolate.

While those who have had their doses only need day 2 COVID-19 test but no longer have to quarantine.

Those tough measure have gone a long way towards tackling the spread of the virus and restoring lives to normality in this country.

But although a new lockdown before Christmas is deemed ‘unlikely’ by scientists it cannot be completely ruled out. 

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