Boris Johnson shows ‘powerful’ new coronavirus map turning dark as cases soar ‘Must act!’

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Boris Johnson held a press briefing on Thursday 4pm to discuss the recent increase in coronavirus cases and the next steps the Government must take. While with the Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty, the Prime Minister detailed the trend seen across England. Mr Johnson insisted that to avoid a second coronavirus spike in the winter Britons needed to remember the basics. 

During the briefing, Professor Whitty showed an animation that showed the amount of cases seen across the UK and after a drop during the summer months, the animation highlighted a slow increase in recent weeks. 

After watching the animation, Mr Johnson said: “It is clear from that very powerful graphic that we must act.

“The most important thing for all of us is to remember the basics.”

Professor Whitty explained the significance of the graphic and what information it was attempting to convey.

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He said: “What the animation has is lots of hexagons with each one of them being numbers of cases.

“The lighter the number the smaller the number and then they get darker.

“This is the data for England, there would be something very similar for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

“As you can see, through March and April the graph gets darker and darker across the whole country.

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“Then as people respond to the request for social distancing, as lockdown happens, they get lighter again across the whole country.

“Things are improving all the way through July and into the beginning of August.”


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