Boris Johnson’s approval rating plummets 20 points in just FOUR days amid Cummings crisis

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Since Friday, the Prime Minister has faced mounting pressure from the public and MPs after it was revealed his chief advisor, Dominic Cummings, travelled 260 miles during COVID-19 lockdown. The Prime Minister backed Mr Cummings’ actions.

Now, according to coronavirus data tracker site Savanta, Mr Johnson’s approval rating has dropped dramatically.

The site revealed the Prime Minister’s rating is below zero at -1 percent having dropped 20 points since the end of last week.

Although it is not explained why the ratings dropped, last Friday news broke that Mr Cummings had allegedly breached lockdown rules and travelled to County Durham.

Mr Cummings has since issued a statement on the matter after Mr Johnson defended his actions and said he acted with integrity and for the best of his family.

Mr Johnson said during a press briefing on Sunday: “I have had extensive face-to-face conversations with Dominic Cummings.

“Though there have been many other allegations about what happened when he was in self-isolation and thereafter, I believe that in every respect he has acted responsibly and legally and with integrity and with the overwhelming aim of stopping the spread of the virus and saving lives.

“I think he followed the instincts of every father and every parent. And I do not mark him down for that.”

It is not just Mr Johnson who has seen a fall in approval ratings.

The entire UK government is also below zero at -2 percent, dropping 16 points in just one day.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, Health Secretary Matt Hancock and Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak all dropped in ratings.

Once again, it is not clear why all three of the Cabinet members have seen a decrease in ratings.

However, they all publicly supported Mr Cummings’ actions during lockdown, which has caused outrage among the public with many calling for the senior aide to resign.

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Mr Sunak wrote on Twitter: “Dominic Cummings has made clear he was motivated by trying to protect his son and he took steps to be safe.

“I understand people had serious questions about his actions – indeed many of you have made huge sacrifices – but I do believe today he explained himself.”

Mr Hancock also backed the Prime Minister’s senior aide on social media and wrote: “Dom Cummings was right today to set out in full detail how he made his decisions in very difficult circumstances.

“Now we must move on, fight this dreadful disease and get our country back on her feet.”

Mr Raab defended Mr Cummings and said the senior aide “followed the rules applicable to his family”.

He said: “Dominic Cummings gave a detailed account of his actions and how he followed the rules applicable to his family.

“Meanwhile, Cabinet met today and was totally focused on tackling C19 and moving the country forward.”

On Savanta, the only people who saw an increase in approval ratings were the leader of the Labour Party, Sir Keir Starmer, as well as chief medical officer Chris Whitty and chief scientific advisor Sir Patrick Vallance.

Figures from the website also found that around 23 percent of people said they were self-isolating.

This is the lowest figure since a peak of 49 percent in mid-April.

Around two in five people have said they are following the government’s advice and the same proportion have been reporting that they are mostly following the guidance.

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