Boris Johnson’s Peppa Pig rant a strategy ‘masterstroke’ to promote British business

Boris Johnson's Peppa Pig comments praised by Vaizey

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Conservative peer Lord Ed Vaizey leaped to Boris Johnson’s defence and labelled Monday’s speech to the Confederation British Industry a “masterstroke”. The Prime Minister faced national backlash following his peculiar conference about Peppa Pig World. Mr Johnson’s baffling speech about the venue, which he branded as “my kind of place”, was met with widespread criticism and labelled “one of his weirdest speeches’” he ever delivered.

Critics were quick to pick up on the Prime Minister’s alleged hidden agenda and put that bizarre speech down to him trying to deflect attention from his dwindling influence during the conference.

But Mr Vaizey, who was made Lord by Mr Johnson in August 2020, had his back.

He told LBC: “I used to say to David Cameron ‘I want to see you on the set of James Bond just as much as I want to see you in the proverbial woodshed factory because the entertainment industry in this country is one of the most successful in the world.

“It generates millions of jobs and billions of pounds. Peppa Pig is a fantastic, successful British IP so I do not hold Boris accountable.”

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The Tory peer however admitted that the quality of the speech itself left a lot to be desired.

He said: “I may say his speech could have been delivered better. But to talk about Peppa Pig to the CBI is a masterstroke and if would have been in Downing Street I would have backed him all the way.”

Although the entertainment and film industries are slightly recovering, the pandemic and Brexit have had dramatic repercussions on their finances.

But the detractors, including senior business leaders and Conservative MPs, tore into Mr Johnson for his ‘rambling’ speech and likening himself to Moses before making vroom-vroom sounds.

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Jeremy Hunt addresses Boris Johnson's Peppa Pig comments

Mr Johnson hailed Peppa Pig as an inspiring role model from Britain’s economy on Monday, saying: “Yesterday I went, as we all must, to Peppa Pig World. I love it. Peppa Pig World is very much my kind of place: it has very safe streets, discipline in schools.

‘Who would have believed that a pig that looks like a hairdryer or possibly a Picasso-like hairdryer, a pig that was rejected by the BBC, would now be exported to 180 countries with theme parks both in America and China?”

But after widespread criticism, he later defended the rambling speech, and sung his own praises on ITV, saying: “I think that people got the vast majority of the points I wanted to make and I thought it went over well.”


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During the chaotic speech, Mr Johnson also appeared to lose track of his notes, was lost for words one time too many, and asked those attending the annual conference in South Shields three times for forgiveness.

Ex-Tory leader William Hague claimed that the speech had provoked “lots of clenching” and described it as a “bad incident”.

It coincided with senior Tories questioning John’s leadership and authority in the wake of series of high-profile blunders, the latest of which did Johnson’s reputation no favours.

Although Johnson is one of the most famous British people in the world right now, it is understood he walked pretty much unnoticed through the park.




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