Boris to REJECT any EU plea for Brexit trade delay as UK ‘hardens’ stance – Downing Street

The Prime Minister’s spokesman reaffirmed the Government’s hardline position after the International Monetary Fund to remain under the European Union’s rulebook beyond the end of the year in the wake of the coronavirus crisis. “The Government was elected on a manifesto which made clear the transition period would end on 31 December 2020. That is now enshrined in primary legislation and it remains our policy,” they said. “We will not ask to extend the transition period, and if the EU asks we will say no.

“Extending the transition would simply prolong the negotiations, prolong business uncertainty, and delay the moment of control of our borders. 

“Extending the transition would mean we will have to make further payments into the EU budget.

“It would also keep us bound by EU legislation, at a point when we need legislative and economic flexibility to manage the UK response to the Coronavirus pandemic.”

IMF chief Kristalina Georgieva called for an extension to the post-Brexit transition period amid fears a hard exit from the EU’s single market will create more uncertainty after the global pandemic passes.

The former EU commissioner told the BBC: “It is tough as it is. Let’s not make it any tougher.

“My advice would be to seek ways in which this elect of uncertainty is reduced in the interests of everybody, of the UK, of the EU, the whole wold.”


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